What Are the Types of Tree Care Services?

tree care


Tree care involves removing dead or unhealthy trees from your property. These services are typically provided by tree removal companies, such as Royal Oaks Tree Service Franklin, also known as tree surgeons. They will assess the condition of the tree and then determine how it should be removed from your yard. Some tree surgeons specialize in tree removal only, while others perform all tree trimming and removal services.

CONDITIONAL VS TRIMMED? This is a frequently asked question, especially among people who have recently experienced a tree crash or other kind of tree damage. Tree care experts recommend that you choose one of two methods: pruning or cutting down a larger branch to allow more direct sunlight and water penetration; or trimming, or removing smaller branches to allow for better air circulation and drainage. Each has its pros and cons.

FOR THE LONG-TERM CARE  Many tree care experts recommend removing tree roots as a part of tree removal. Roots can eventually grow into new tree trunks, creating unsightly cracks. Removing tree roots eliminates this problem, as well as any future problems such as cracks in concrete, stone, or asphalt. If roots have already grown into your concrete footer or foundation, root removal is likely your best option.

TREE TRIMMING GUIDANCE.  Branches are usually removed using mechanical means such as a chainsaw or a tree cutting blade. Tree felling is usually the first step in tree care, and most tree care experts will tell you that this step is critical to tree care success. There are a variety of reasons why tree cutting may be necessary. If branches are mature and growing, they may continue to grow for years without being cut down. If left unchecked, a tree that reaches full size will consume large amounts of wood and other plant material, making removal of old growth necessary.

FOR PROBLEM SITUATIONS   Branches that grow out of control can also present a tree-care issue. Acne-forming bacteria may be growing on newly transplanted trees, and tree removal is often necessary to control these potentially harmful bacterial growth. Tree pruning may be necessary if tree growth is causing damage to surrounding structures or roads. Many arborists are also trained to deal with issues associated with tree diseases. These include tree falling out of shape, tree pests, and tree diseases.

Storm damage can be a major issue for homeowners and arborists alike. If it is necessary, tree care experts are trained to deal with the issue immediately. They are also trained to help reduce the damage from future storms, which could result in more costly tree care costs. The reduction or elimination of storm damage may reduce the need for future tree removal.